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A person wearing these colors would be considered a tad gaudy but on foxgloves, you can pull off their natural color.     SOLD

Rhododendron II

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A friend’s photo of the rhododendron near her house led to this painting.  I was intrigued by all the swoops and twirls of the leaves. SOLD

Pumpkin planets

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It looked like an asteroid about to strike the planets at first, hence the name.  The Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa has amazing displays of pumpkins, gourds, vegetables etc.

Portland Roses II

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The rose garden In Portland, Oregon is a most incredible place and has been the source for many paintings. Original and giclees (archival pigment prints) available.

Persimmon Leaves IV

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I am intrigued every year by the display put on by fuyu persimmon trees and the one in my garden has provided subject matter for several paintings.   SOLD

Mother’s camellia

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When my mother passed away, my neighbor gave me a camellia plant.  I’ve forgotten what the name of the plant is so it’s now “Mother’s Camellia.”

Loin de L’oeil grapes

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I wanted to paint more grapes so I found ones that grow in the south of France near where I was born.  The name means “Far from the Eye” which is so evocative.   SOLD


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A pot of hyacinths scenting the kitchen against the view outside of flowering azaleas…my garden in Spring.


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I used a photo taken by Cara Brown in Santa Fe of hollyhocks in the garden where she was staying. I cropped it heavily as I loved the detail of the petals and the little furled soon to open petals at the top.

Fall shadows

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I was inspired by a group show of follow watercolorists entitled “Incredible Edibles” and felt while too late to enter this piece, I should paint something edible.  This persimmon was one of the few not eaten by the raccoons!

Fall leaves

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Next door to the Russian River Rose Co. in Healdsburg was a wonderful vineyard in full fall colors…this painting was a challenge due to the complexity of all the leaves but oh the colors….such glorious colors to paint.   Awarded 2nd Place, Napa Town & Country Fair, 2018   SOLD

Crush MS Grapes II

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My son has Multiiple Sclerosis and this painting comes from the second Crush MS fundraiser at a vineyard in Napa I attended.  Just beyond the lawn, the vegetable garden and fruit trees, stretched the rows of grapes. Many photos later, this image revealed itself.   Original SOLD Giclees (archival pigment prints) available.

Susie’s view

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Susie has the most lovely home in Inverness and she wanted a painting of her view across Tomales Bay.  This was a commission and now lives above her mantle in the house. SOLD  

Artichoke II

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Walking to my car, I passed a community garden – this artichoke stood out but it was very green so I changed the colors to make it more vibrant.   SOLD